Higher Accessibility With Brand New Mindomo 2.3. For Android

Thousands and thousands of people are using Mindomo on their Android devices. What is really uplifting for our team is that they take the time to share with us their positive outcomes after using the app. We want to keep things this way, and  we want our users here with us in the long run. This is why we are constantly encouraging their feedback and try to make it count.


It’s kind of like playing the “mirror, mirror on the wall” game, except the fact that we don’t look for flattery. We want to find out if or when users encounter any difficulties so we can help them. This is exactly how we found out that our Android app could work better on high resolution devices. Or that some users would really love using Mindomo in their native languages.
What did we do about it? We decided it’s high time for an upgrade. Final result? Our brand new Mindomo 2.3. for Android, which displays two major improvements:

  1. The app runs smoothly on a whole bunch of high resolution smartphones and tablets – Google Nexus 5,7 and 10, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One, etc.;
  2. We enabled full translation in French, Spanish and German.
    Over to you
    It would be great if you could check out our latest 2.3. version for Android  and let us know what you think. Feel free to do this in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or Twitter channel.
    Also, if you would like to use Mindomo in your native language, do send us an e-mail at support [at]mindomo[dot]com.

          Keep it smart, simple and creative!
          The Mindomo Team



A Great New Year Together

Just like most of you, we really enjoy this time of the year. Family reunions, presents, laughter and new plans. At least, this is how we did it in the Mindomo family. We also took the time to reflect upon our last year’s experience and make resolutions for the year to come:

Keeping up with technology

When we started Mindomo we picked the best technology at the time – Flash. It did its job very well until HTML5 came into the picture. We waited until this new player grew up to be the powerful replacement we needed. One of 2013′s resolutions was to shift from Flash to HTML5, and this is exactly what we have been working this year.
Step by step, we replaced parts of Mindomo with HTML5 implementation, starting with the dashboard, My Account pages, and on to the viewer. After the HTML5 viewer release, we green-lighted the replacement of the Mindomo editor. When this HTML5 editor will be ready, working with Mindomo will be easier and quicker, no third party plug-ins and native applications needed. It will take us some time, so completing the HTML5 migration is on our 2014 resolutions list.

Giving small businesses a helping hand

Starting from our own company’s needs, we decided to create a new product to help small creative teams organize their ideas, tasks and do the follow up. Mindomo Projects was released this year, displaying a whole range of useful features. We are happy that, since its release, most of you have become more and more aware of this new extension, and are using it on a regular basis. In the year to come, we plan to beat the drum a little bit more for this product so that more users can underpin their work with it.

Exciting new features

We can’t give you too many details now because we are still working at the concept. As a little hint, we aim to make mind mapping more practical and easier to apply in various fields. This is our 2014 ultimate resolution, for which we are determined to work very hard.

A few more hours to go until a fresh start. Reflection? Done. Resolutions? Done. We’ve got one more thing left to do, and that is thanking you for all your support!

We thank all the students who chose Mindomo to help them study, and took the time to tell us how well they did.

We thank all the teachers who shared with us the satisfaction of teaching more efficiently than before.

We thank all the people who searched for productivity tools and didn’t stop until they found us.

Most of all, we thank you all for knowing what constructive criticism is – this is how we come up with better solutions.

We hope we’ll have a great New Year 2014 together!


The Mindomo Team


An early Christmas gift just for you

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for Santa and all the Christmas rage. We’ve been toying with the idea of making all our mind mappers an early present. So, here it is: a quicker, lighter mind map viewer.
Thanks to HTML5, the maps you’ll be publishing, either embedded, or shared with others, will now be effortless accessible. That is, anyone who wants to view your maps can access them from their iPhone, iPad, or any other phone or tablet out there, without having to install any third-party plug-ins or native apps. Once you’ll give it a try, you’ll see it works like a charm!

Hopefully,  you will enjoy this gift as much as we enjoyed the early present we received from Google. They hand-picked Mindomo as one of the few educational apps for their new Google Play for Education initiative. Spectacular things will be happening in the classrooms!

We would love to hear your feedback, and remember: mind mapping is all about creativity having fun!


The Mindomo Team


Give An Edge To Mind Mapping With Mindomo Project

Feeling the need of improvement and being eager to explore new sights are both in our human nature. You might be satisfied with your organizational skills and the way you bridge your daily activities. You might feel that our mind mapping tool serves you well, in which case we are glad. Then again, our latest extension gives you the reasons to feel more than comfortable with the change:


Mindomo Project covers for all the necessary means to do your work

Mindomo Project 01You are probably used to dividing concepts, processes, action plans into relevant topics and subtopics, in order to improve their structure, their better understanding.

But what if you could break down processes and plans into tasks and assign them to the right people? What if you could monitor the way things develop and, in the meantime, engage in the team or client discussions that can provide you fresh ideas and solutions? Not to mention the fact that you can add images, links, documents and mind maps which are valuable for your work.

With its easy-to-use menu, Mindomo Project enables you to do all of this, simplifying the job and improving your coordination.


Get a clear overview of all your project documents


Mindomo Project 02
There is so much variety when it comes to the type of project you can work on, but all projects have contributory documents. The more complex the project gets, the more documents you have. Using Mindomo Project you will easily access all the documents in the project at any time. Moreover, you can easily find them thanks to their chronological order.


Be in control of your work


Mindomo Project 03

Ensuring comfort while you work on your assignments? We seem to cover our share. Mindomo Project sends you e-mail notifications to keep you up-to-date with all your new tasks. So, do try the comfort of not having to worry about missing tasks or constantly checking for updates.


Start your work in shape


Mindomo Project 04

No, we won’t live stream any morning yoga class . But we thought a daily digest of what your team had done in the previous day would help. Therefore, each day at 8 AM, Mindomo Project will send you an update on your project development and the team members who worked on the tasks.

You will be able to see how many of the tasks have been completed; whether new tasks have been added; all the comments and all the attached documents.


Keep an eye on who did what


Mindomo Project 05

You could be working on multiple projects at the same time, or you might want to take a break from work and just relax for a few days. In both cases, catching up will be as easy as it gets. All you have to do is browse through Mindomo Project‘s history.

It will be as you have been there step by step; all the daily changes that were made will be displayed: created, assigned and completed tasks, comments, corrections, uploads, and the people who made these changes.


Give value to your work by using Mind Maps


Mindomo Project 06

There are some chances you have to deal with rather complicated issues during your projects. If you are developing a project for business use, the chances grow further more. We have spoken in our last post about the advantage of associating your tasks with visual representations for higher recognition and a better understanding.

Using Mindomo Mind Maps in order to easily frame and clarify complex tasks might just be the best idea. While brainstorming for ideas, you will branch out from the central issues into solutions.


Share simultaneously all your Mind Maps in the project


Mindomo Project 07

More on mind mapping: Mindomo Project stores all brainstorming ideas and visual representations of complex tasks in one place. You will be able to see who attached the maps and when; accessing and sharing them will become easy and efficient.


Easily attach your documents by using Google Drive and Dropbox


Mindomo Project 08

While using Mindomo Project you will notice the effortless attachment of documents either from your personal PC, or by using Google Drive and Dropbox. Since sharing is one of the essential concepts of our extension, giving access to your documents both to team members and clients will be a piece of cake.


In case you missed our blog posts in this last couple of months, now you know what we were up to. Just like you, we occasionally feel the need to level up. The last time we had this drive we started working on this powerful extension that aims to get you more productive. So, start using that “Projects” button on the dashboard or create a fresh account to give it a shot.

Keep in mind that we’d love hearing from you as often as possible. So, whether you want to share your good thoughts, or you somehow stumbled upon some issues while using Mindomo Project, you know where to find us!


The Mindomo Team



Communicate Strategically with Mind Mapping

As a visual tool, mind mapping helps you have a better understanding of different concepts, processes, projects as well as data.  When collaborating with others, it’s very useful and efficient to use mind mapping as a communication tool.  Some of the best ways in which you can use mind mapping to communicate strategically are:

  • Defining a concept

Any concept that is associated with an image has a higher chance of being better remembered and understood. For this reason, icons, symbols and images have an essential role in visually representing specific concepts.  The same is happening when defining a concept through mind mapping: