Mind maps for Business

Going on a business trip is a twofold challenge for many of us, partly because planning for it is not like preparing for a family trip and partly because you need to get into shape for business meetings and conferences. In both cases, it is important to carefully plan your business travel. Also, there are several things you should keep in mind if you want a steady business trip plan. 1. Prepare your trip arrangements well in advance Using mind maps to put together all business-related to-dos will allow you to focus on the priorities of your journey. Start from the core which is your business trip, and list all the main points that you need to cover before and during the trip. Since the purpose is to keep the…

We are continuously working to improve our tool, that’s why we are happy to let you know that we implemented another highly requested feature: exporting the comments from your Task Maps. However, for the time being, this functionality is available only with the Text File (.txt) and Microsoft Word (.rtf) export formats. When exported, the comments will appear right after the task: Let us know what you think in the Comments section below 🙂 Keep it smart, simple and creative! The Mindomo Team

You know you are facing a problem when you find yourself in a condition which is different than the desired one. If the problem is simple, then the solution is usually quite obvious. But when you’re facing a more complex issue, the card up your sleeve is to get in a problem-solving state of mind. There is a saying that in order to understand a problem profoundly, you need to see the bigger picture. If this doesn’t come naturally at first, mind mapping will help you. Mind maps let you create visual databases, so you can see everything in one page – the root of your problem, its causes, on-the-spot ideas on how you can fix it, etc. Let’s take an example: you have a travel agency that’s going through…

For a lot of us, going on a business trip is “double trouble”, partly because preparing for this is unlike preparing for a family trip and partly because you need to get in shape for business meetings and presentations. In both cases, being well-prepared is the key, and it will give you that sense of confidence of having things under control. And how to get organized the right way, you might ask? We’ll, there are two things you should definitely consider if you want a solid business travel plan. Plan everything with time management in mind. This will make you focus on your trip’s priorities. Use concept maps for individual or even team brainstormings to put together all business-related to-dos. Start from the core – your business trip, and enumerate…

If you are eager to get the most out of your at-a-distance collaborations or Skype meetings, make sure you have a good grasp on the information that is delivered to you and clear understanding of the communicated terms and conditions by taking notes on a mind map.

Real time collaboration is about making sure that communication is transparent, fluent and accurate.   Therefore, the following steps should come in handy as you lead or are involved in an online meeting with a potential collaborator or business partner: