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And the winners are…

The jury has decided:

Mr. Jesper Isaksson won the 1st place (1 year of premium)
Mr. Doug Essinger won 2nd place (9 months of premium)
Mr. Karthikeyan Sankaran won 3rd place (6 months of premium)
Mr. John Oaks – 3 months of free premium
Ms. Sandy Dawn – 3 months of free premium
Ms. Natalia Krasina – 3 months of free premium

Thank you for your stories, we loved them.

All of your stories will be posted on our blog, starting this week.

Have fun and congrats!


Write your story contest

Hello everybody,

We have received your stories, thank you. Some are really cool, we can’t wait to share
them with you.

We will post the winners tomorrow and also award the premium prizes to everybody.

Have fun mapping!


Write your story of you and Mindomo

We like stories. Education is made through them. So we decided to collect some about mind mapping and Mindomo.

Here is how it works:
You can write your experience with Mindomo, how mind maps help you achieve your goals, and we reward you.


Mind map of the week previous winners

Here are the previous winners, which will receive their prize as soon as possible.
You can see the reactions to each map on our fan page also:

1. Ben Ritchie with Media Center

2. Jesper Isaksson with E-learning tools for schools and education

3. Santiago Bermeo with Inshore file plan

4. Chris Daubney with AS Toolbox

5.Anthony Johnson with How to change things when..

6.Glenn Chestman with Logo design process

7.Pero Gruyo with Vision and strategy

Congratulations to them, we loved their mind maps and can’t wait to see more.