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11 inventions that changed the world

The end of the world… just passed us again. It’s already been 11:11 in a few countries, so we’re safe.

Now, to commemorate this great day we’ve prepared a cool map with 11 inventions that changed the world.


Language Arts

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since we last shared cool mind maps with you, so we started our research again and found a great resource for teachers.

This Language Arts Map will help you find resources for grammar, speaking, writing, visual or even spelling.

We could write a whole blog about this, but we’re going to leave you to discover and bookmark 🙂


When you are going on vacation…

You definitely need a plan.

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you will always depend on what you have set up before leaving home.

So we gathered up some pointers for a well defined plan:

After the When, Where, What, How filters, you have to think about these things:


A little bit about Belarus

Hello everybody,

We’ve kinda hoped that people would start creating mind maps about their countries. You can easily see information about each department, pluses and deficits.

Today’s map is about Belarus.

It’s a country in Eastern Europe, with a little bit under 10 million people. It’s neighbors are: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Any other financial or economical information you can find in Mr. Weihmann map.


Business Intelligence – The dimensions

Hello everybody,

BI-The dimensions is a mind map that we found this week and it has a very strong structure.

You can easily see 5 categories: Competencies, Mode of delivery, Ecosystem, Product vendors, and Layers. But what is interesting to see, and what Ms. Sankaran pointed out with a red boundary is “Points to think about”. You can see a lot of information that you have to consider.