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A little bit about Belarus

Hello everybody,

We’ve kinda hoped that people would start creating mind maps about their countries. You can easily see information about each department, pluses and deficits.

Today’s map is about Belarus.

It’s a country in Eastern Europe, with a little bit under 10 million people. It’s neighbors are: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Any other financial or economical information you can find in Mr. Weihmann map.


Business Intelligence – The dimensions

Hello everybody,

BI-The dimensions is a mind map that we found this week and it has a very strong structure.

You can easily see 5 categories: Competencies, Mode of delivery, Ecosystem, Product vendors, and Layers. But what is interesting to see, and what Ms. Sankaran pointed out with a red boundary is “Points to think about”. You can see a lot of information that you have to consider.


There’s more to web than facebook

We had Maria Andersen‘s map in mind for a while now, but we think today’s the best day to do it.
As we said on facebook, we tested Google + just yesterday, and it looks cool.

This map will make you see that there are so many things on the web that you can explore.


The Sermon – Dancing edge of mistery

Hi everybody,

This weeks mind map covers an interesting domain: The Sermon. Before analyzing it, we didn’t know a lot of information about this.

As you can see, there is even a dictionary as a node. It covers details such as goal, task, time and place.

We post it on facebook here and we’re waiting for you guys to say what you think about it.


About Christianity

Hi guys,

Today we have a very intuitive map about Christianity.

We have 3 big subjects: Bible, Holidays and Denominations. There a lot of information about why we have holidays during the year presented by Mr. Martinez.

Here is a picture of the map, but we recommend you extend the branches and check out all the details and vote it on facebook