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2017 was our year!

’tis the season to be jolly and show gratitude for what we were able to achieve in this year that is about to end. So, here we go 🙂

We started 2017 with a full agenda and a lot of improvements on our list. If we draw the line now, we’re quite satisfied.
We managed to focus on both our online and Desktop versions, and the mobile one is waiting its turn.
Our teachers received their long-awaited review and grading mechanism, while our business users enjoyed several improvements on our task maps and the Desktop app, and will unwrap their real gift no later than mid-February (stay tuned!).

2017 has been a good year, probably the best one for our team. And we can’t leave it behind without mentioning that it’s our 10th year as a team.
We’re thankful that, for another year in a row, Mindomo has the same team behind the scenes, people that grew along with the product. We’re also thankful for you staying with us in the long run. We’re leaving you with a glimpse of how we reached this exciting milestone in our history.

Enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year!

The Mindomo Team


2015 Calls For Bigger, Bolder Plans

The holiday season and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, so it’s high time for a look back. 2014 was great to us: we accomplished all of our projects and even more. This probably happened because we were so eager to do our best to make a difference and bring real value to others.

What do we have in mind for 2015? To pursue the same drive but at a whole new level. We know that Mindomo is most likely the best mind mapping app there is. What we want is to make sure that you make the best of it, no matter if you are using it for school, planning your business or for personal development.

So, we’re ready to wrap up this great 2014, but not before telling you how grateful we are. We’re grateful for all the innovative ways in which you choose to work with our app, for your constant feedback and suggestions. These things lay the groundwork for Mindomo’s exciting future.

Have a joyous New Year, dear friends! And remember, a new year is like a blank mind map, just fill it in with what is really important for you.

The Mindomo Team


A Great New Year Together

Just like most of you, we really enjoy this time of the year. Family reunions, presents, laughter and new plans. At least, this is how we did it in the Mindomo family. We also took the time to reflect upon our last year’s experience and make resolutions for the year to come:

Keeping up with technology

When we started Mindomo we picked the best technology at the time – Flash. It did its job very well until HTML5 came into the picture. We waited until this new player grew up to be the powerful replacement we needed. One of 2013’s resolutions was to shift from Flash to HTML5, and this is exactly what we have been working this year.
Step by step, we replaced parts of Mindomo with HTML5 implementation, starting with the dashboard, My Account pages, and on to the viewer. After the HTML5 viewer release, we green-lighted the replacement of the Mindomo editor. When this HTML5 editor will be ready, working with Mindomo will be easier and quicker, no third party plug-ins and native applications needed. It will take us some time, so completing the HTML5 migration is on our 2014 resolutions list.

Giving small businesses a helping hand

Starting from our own company’s needs, we decided to create a new product to help small creative teams organize their ideas, tasks and do the follow up. Mindomo Projects was released this year, displaying a whole range of useful features. We are happy that, since its release, most of you have become more and more aware of this new extension, and are using it on a regular basis. In the year to come, we plan to beat the drum a little bit more for this product so that more users can underpin their work with it.

Exciting new features

We can’t give you too many details now because we are still working at the concept. As a little hint, we aim to make mind mapping more practical and easier to apply in various fields. This is our 2014 ultimate resolution, for which we are determined to work very hard.

A few more hours to go until a fresh start. Reflection? Done. Resolutions? Done. We’ve got one more thing left to do, and that is thanking you for all your support!

We thank all the students who chose Mindomo to help them study, and took the time to tell us how well they did.

We thank all the teachers who shared with us the satisfaction of teaching more efficiently than before.

We thank all the people who searched for productivity tools and didn’t stop until they found us.

Most of all, we thank you all for knowing what constructive criticism is – this is how we come up with better solutions.

We hope we’ll have a great New Year 2014 together!


The Mindomo Team