Happy New Year Everyone !

Looking back at 2008:
It was a great year for us at Mindomo. We grew more than 100% in the last year, we rolled out several new features (see: our changelog ) so everything is looking good :).

What’s new in 2009?
The first goodies this year are: floating topics, adding main topics with double click and find-replace functionality.

Floating topics: This was one of the most requested features. With this new feature you will be able to create not only mind maps but also concept maps.
In order to add a new floating topic you just will have to hold down the CTRL key and CLICK with the mouse to the map canvas, a new floating topic will be added.

Find-Replace: We think a find-replace feature is an important productivity feature if you are using Mindomo regularly. Please see the picture below which illustrates the usage of the new dialog.

Both Mindomo Free/Premium and Mindomo Desktop were updated, in the next couple of days we will update Mindomo Business/Education too.

You can always let us know what do you think by posting to this blog.



  1. Brett Kromkamp Reply

    I am developing a topic map-based knowledge management and repository application (that can be used to model concept maps) with Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. Flex allows the developer to build very rich desktop-like user interfaces. Specifically, the availability of powerful graph visualization libraries that allow you to visually layout the relationships between topics contribute to making the whole topic map experience very intuitive and appealing.

  2. The floating topics are excellent. Absolutely a great addition.Sometimes however it bugges me that when I click the mindmap it inserts a new floating topic. It seems to happen a little to often by mistake.Another great feature, now that we have floating topics, would be to be able to set a fixed size of a topic. That way the mindmap gets more streamlined and much easier to “weight” different topics.

  3. Floating topics?! Concept maps?! What wonderful news! Thank you so much for this update. I now no longer have to switch to a different program to do concept maps, yippee!! 🙂

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