Are you surprised that mind mapping is like taking a break?

Most definitions and explanations we are providing when talking about mind mapping focus mainly on brainstorming, organizing, managing, creating, and structuring ideas, concepts, information and projects.  Other times, these explanations focus on gaining a new perspective on things or adopting a new way of thinking.  All these explanations are a truthful reflection of what mind mapping is.  However, there may be more to it than organizing and managing.  Our mind is continuously engaging in the daily grind or should engage in one, if it hasn’t already done so.  Should this always be the case though?  Should we never take a break from our “daily grind”?

If mind mapping is indeed a new way of thinking and looking at things, then would it be possible that mind mapping also refers to our brain taking “the least traveled road” which in this context refers to allowing ideas to develop in a more natural way, without forcing a certain pattern on them.

What do you need to take a break from?

  • Take a break from your Excel sheet
  • Take a break from your Word document
  • Take a break from your linear thinking pattern
  • Take a break from your Gantt chart

You may need a new perspective and most times when you need to gain a new perspective on things, you need to shift your focus from your routine and pursue a new direction.

Why do you need to take a break?
You may not think you need a break, but that’s exactly the time when you need to take one.  Burnout is very common when we don’t know how to set limits in our daily activities, work and even thinking patterns.  The daily grind is not very inspiring, especially not when we live in a constant state of exhaustion.
Take a look at your motivation, state of mind and ideas.  Take a look at your work pattern and see if you notice any of the following:

  • ideas that are produced mechanically similar to a factory of “ideas”
  • a routine that weakens your thought process and imagination
  • a rigid thought process that crushes new ideas
  • an oppressed mind where there is no room for new opportunities
  • a vicious cycle of work burnout, where “working more with less” always leads to “having less not more”
  • a mindset that “breaks are for the weak”
  • a self-oriented perspective where you think you are the only one working hard
  • a communication pattern where you are always debating and never reaching a solution

How can a mind mapping tool be a breeze for your mind?

  • it respects your thinking pattern
  • it allows random new ideas to be included
  •  it only starts with one idea, which you can build on step by step
  • it does not overwhelm your mind with unnecessary information
  • it doesn’t focus on how much you know but on how well you structure and use what you know
  • it doesn’t force you into deadlines
  • it encourages creativity but respects your timing
  • it is designed to help you collaborate real time with others thus pushing away distance barriers

If you want to take a break you can let us know what mind mapping is for you 🙂

The Mindomo Team

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