adding multimedia



We are back with a series of upgrades to our tool, one of which is reorganizing our Multimedia panel from the left toolbar. Our existing Multimedia panel has been split into three specialized panels: one for images, one for videos and one for audio files. Use them to quickly add multimedia resources to your topics, without the hassle of navigating through a complex menu. The new design even comes with a bonus: you can now add an audio file on the same topic where you already have an image/video. You can find the audio file under the “play” icon. The videos and images added to a topic are still interchangeable (the video replaces the image previously added to your topic and vice-versa). Image panel Attach images to your mind map…

Did you know you can add video and audio files to your mind map as you summon your resources online?

Next time you’re planning a meeting and want to add more resources to the already sketched out meeting draft, make sure to include video and audio files within the mind map topics.

This is how it works if you want to include multimedia resources in your mind map:

To add a local video or audio file to your mind map

  • open the mind map
  • select a topic or subtopic, where you intend to have the video or audio file
  • click on the multimedia icon on the left toolbar and select the Upload button to add your video or audio file