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The best mind map app for businesses Even if you are a good entrepreneur, you may have to improve your strategy at some point. The best mind map app can help you to generate and share creative ideas with your employees. A mind map is a diagram used to visually structure information. You start from a central idea. It represents the topic you are going to explore. Then you add branches to your map with keywords. Mapping apps allow you to add images, videos, and attachments. There are mind mapping tools that have some additional features besides mind map creation, like outlines and presentations. Mind mapping tools are designed for a single user or real-time collaboration in teams. Problems that business owners encounter When you want to organize your business,…

We just made a list of awesome mind maps that we have loved in 2011 and are worth sharing. Funny coincidence, we’ve found 11 cool maps to highlight and here they are in a random order 🙂 1. E-learning Tools for Schools and Education 2. AS Toolbox 3. 11 inventions that changed the world 4. Starcraft II 5. Play and Learn 6. There’s more to the web than Facebook 7. Activity Type Web 2.0 Tools 8. Front-End Development 9. Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Teachers 10. Social Networking in Higher Ed 11. About Journalism Creators keep improving them continuously, so we must say it’s impressive work! What do you think?