Writers’ perspective about Mindomo

Please allow me to first introduce myself. I’ve been using mind mapping for 6 years now and have specialized on software such as: Freemind and Freeplane. In 2008, I started my own blog. Today, after several years of practice, I am a trainer in this domain and I had the privilege to write my first book ” Mind Mapping: transform your ideas into project with Freeplane”. The launching of this book took place 2 weeks ago and it is this book that stands at the origin of this post. In my book I also included Mindomo especially in the part dedicated to the relationship between Freeplane and the other Mind-Mapping softwares.

The team of Mindomo suggested I should write a post regarding my impressions on Mindomo and how I use it. The main ideas that I will focus on refer to: Why is Mindomo one of the best current solutions for beginners in Mind-Mapping ? Why is Mindomo an atypical mind-mapping software in the light of its features? Why does Mindomo know how to benefit from the advantage of being an online software application?

Why Mindomo is one of the best current solutions for beginners?