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As you may know, assistive technology (AT) means any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to enhance, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with impairments. Basically, assistive technology allows people with disabilities to compensate for certain incapacities, by promoting independence and reducing the need for additional support. In education, assistive technology is used for students with disabilities to overcome barriers due to reading, attention, organization, memory, and the physical demands of the tasks related to the coursework. Examples of assistive technology instruments include screen readers, speech to text, spell checking and mind mapping. Mind mapping as assistive technology Mind mapping transforms monotonous information and details into colorful, interesting, and extremely structured graphs that act in line with your brain’s natural way of…

Writing good essays will definitely help you get through school. Writing outlines first makes the essay writing process easier and better organized because an outline provides a structure. The outline for an essay is like the skeleton for the body. As you probably know, there are many outlining tools to help you.  Mindomo also has an outlining functionality, apart from the mind mapping and concept mapping ones. Mindomo gives you two possibilities:  1. To turn your maps into outlines.  Create a Blank Mind Map if your ideas come into your mind in a chaotic way and you can’t put them in order from the beginning. Having all your ideas on the same page will help you see the connections in between, and you can organize them later on. Use the mouse+click to…

Are you surprised that mind mapping is like taking a break?

Most definitions and explanations we are providing when talking about mind mapping focus mainly on brainstorming, organizing, managing, creating, and structuring ideas, concepts, information and projects. Other times, these explanations focus on gaining a new perspective on things or adopting a new way of thinking. All these explanations are a truthful reflection of what mind mapping is. However, there may be more to it than organizing and managing. Our mind is continuously engaging in the daily grind or should engage in one, if it hasn’t already done so. Should this always be the case though? Should we never take a break from our “daily grind”?