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Online collaboration tools Online collaboration tools help team members to communicate and collaborate, share files, work together on projects, take notes, and brainstorm ideas. There are different types of collaboration tools: online communication tools, online documentation tools, mind mapping tools, project management tools, and file-sharing apps. Mindomo is a tool that includes all of these. It is a cloud-based app used for collaboration, mind mapping, task management, brainstorming, etc. This team collaboration tool offers features like task management with mind maps, task management with Gantt Charts, a free version for browser use, a free mobile app, a desktop version, and offline work possibility. Collaboration tips for businesses Ways to encourage collaboration in your team members: Be their exampleArrange spaces for communication and collaboration inside the companyBuild trust with team building…

Is hospitality part of your business?

With the launching of the new Professional Membership, we’ve been having several requests for clarifying the difference between a User and a Guest. In order to have a clear understanding of the difference between these two concepts, try to keep in mind that the user and the guest have two different roles but the same purpose: online collaboration.

What is the best way to handle the Professional Membership of Mindomo?

The Professional membership represents one of the main contexts for developing hospitable collaboration. The professional user can be seen as a Host, and the professional guest as a Guest, who is invited to collaborate in real time.

To make things clearer please take a look at the different roles of users and guests within the Professional Membership: