getting organized


How mind maps help you organize

If you have been mind mapping like crazy, and your friends and colleagues also shared their maps with you, you might want to know how to put everything in order. A handy solution is to organize your maps into folders. This way you can classify maps according to their importance (e.g. separate work-related maps from personal development maps). Also, you can put your shared maps into folders, a folder for each person that has been sharing maps with you. Check out this video about this time-saving feature, then try it and let us know how it works for you. Keep it smart, simple and creative! The Mindomo Team Image: Etsy.com …

How do you handle all the information that comes your way these days?
What does it mean to manage information effectively? Is it more important to keep the information or yourself organized?

An organized mind guarantees that thoughts and ideas are organized as well. Keeping a mind organized is a matter of will, time and skill.

Translated into more practical steps, to stay organized you have to:

  • maintain your desire to be organized

  • be committed on a daily basis to plan wisely

  • train your mind to stay focused

  • identify the tools that work best for you