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As you may know, assistive technology (AT) means any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to enhance, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with impairments. Basically, assistive technology allows people with disabilities to compensate for certain incapacities, by promoting independence and reducing the need for additional support. In education, assistive technology is used for students with disabilities to overcome barriers due to reading, attention, organization, memory, and the physical demands of the tasks related to the coursework. Examples of assistive technology instruments include screen readers, speech to text, spell checking and mind mapping. Mind mapping as assistive technology Mind mapping transforms monotonous information and details into colorful, interesting, and extremely structured graphs that act in line with your brain’s natural way of…

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed Share panel is now online. Our goal with this newly designed sharing functionality was to offer the easiest experience you can get when it comes to sharing your work with others. We hope you’ll find the new design to be uncluttered and more user-friendly. So, what’s new? The first change you’ll notice when you open the Share panel is that we included the password protection right there, in the top left side. Simply click on Password, then set a password for your map. By clicking on More you will get the link to Embed the map, use it as RSS or HTML, etc. Link sharing was simplified too, you have all the options in one page: you can make your mind…

It’s time to share the latest improvements to the mobile apps: Focus on specific topics, subtopics and areas on your map Collapse/Expand Menu is available for the visibility of subtopics at multiple levels Open any map link with Mindomo app Map Links in browser can now be viewed directly on app Visualize the title of your map Map Titles are being displayed in the top toolbar Know the status of your maps on the app Labels are showing the status of your cloud maps Have your questions answered with the new Help section Help section comes in handy with Mindomo Guide for iPad