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And its features

We are happy to let you know that with the new update of our Desktop version, you can work simultaneously on multiple maps in different Mindomo instances. Please update your Desktop application to the latest version and give it a try. You can open several mind maps in different instances if you double-click on them or select the option ‘Open with’: If you have a mind map that is already opened, you can open another one in a different instance from the File List menu. You can also open a new Mindomo window if you right click on the Mindomo logo from your Dock and select ‘New Window’: Keep it smart, simple and creative! The Mindomo Team

One of our popular online feature which gives you the possibility to create your own personalized map themes is now on Mindomo Desktop. With a premium Desktop license, you can now enjoy the comfort of creating your own themes where you can set the default font size, color, shape, background color, relationships on all topics from a certain level so that when a new topic is added on that level, it will be created with that formatting automatically. To do this, you need to go to Themes, then select Theme editor: You are also able to set your theme as default so every new mind map will be created with this theme: Download our latest Desktop version from here, give it a try and let us know what you think.…

Dear Mindomo Users, After the release of Adobe Air 3.6 update, some of our users have encountered several errors while working on Mindomo Desktop on both Mac and Windows. If you have received an error when closing the app, you are most likely affected by this update. What we recommend is to uninstall Adobe Air and install Adobe Air version 3.5 : for Mac for Windows If you need further assistance please contact our support team at support@mindomo.com We apologize for any inconvenience created. Thank you, The Mindomo Team