Mindomo release


we’re glad to tell you this

Our goal is to have an app that is user-friendly and satisfies all our users’ needs. We do our best to improve the app based on their suggestions. As a result of your preferences and our ideas of developing the app, now Mindomo has a new graphical interface that is even more engaging and intuitive. Reasons for redesigning the user interface Some of the reasons for redesigning the user interface are: To make it more attractive to usersTo make it more user-friendly so that the new users can understand faster all the featuresTo make more space on the canvas for the mapTo make key functionality easier to find and to bring all the actions closer to reach Mindomo has so many features because we usually update the app based on…

Let’s start the week with some great news! We are so excited to announce the launching of our new website. We’ve been working on it for quite a while and we put all our efforts into rebuilding the design and content, to offer you the most complete guide for mind mapping with Mindomo. We focused on delivering you all the information you need at your fingertips and we developed specific pages for using mind maps, whether you intend to use them for personal reasons, for business and project management purposes or for academic goals. We would like to help you make a better choice, thus the pricing page is split into two categories, work/personal and education, allowing you to determine the type of account that is most suitable for your…

We know you’ve been waiting for some time, so we just wanted to show you that we are close! When the time is right, we will announce the release, and Mindomo will be available for all our iPad users. As you can see, Mindomo on iPad kept the cool look from online so we’re sure you’re not going to have any problem getting comfortable with it. Enjoy and keep working on those mind maps! 🙂