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Experts estimate that our minds have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Our brains work like little factories and the synapses never cease to pass chemical or electrical signals to each other. In fact, this is the beauty of our amazing brain. Each thought generates another one and so on and by the time we reach a certain opinion, we begin to wonder how it all started. This is not another study made by some great scientists but a thing we’re all experiencing, almost on a daily basis. Sometimes we really want to keep track of every thought we have, so we don’t miss anything. Do you have any moments when you say to yourself ‘Oh, I had such a good idea in mind! I forgot it.. ‘ And…

The holiday season and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, so it’s high time for a look back. 2014 was great to us: we accomplished all of our projects and even more. This probably happened because we were so eager to do our best to make a difference and bring real value to others. What do we have in mind for 2015? To pursue the same drive but at a whole new level. We know that Mindomo is most likely the best mind mapping app there is. What we want is to make sure that you make the best of it, no matter if you are using it for school, planning your business or for personal development. So, we’re ready to wrap up this great 2014, but not…

We are happy to introduce Albert as our new team member. He’s that piece of the puzzle we’ve been searching for. Just catch a glimpse at his bio and you’ll see why we chose him: Albert was born a couple of months ago, on a beautiful December morning. He grew up extremely fast into a smart guy, always learning and experimenting something new. A curious character, with joyful T-shirts and funny hairdo. He dreams of traveling the world and having his own basement laboratory.He loves learning. Most likely because he’s a self-made scholar, who gets to pick his subjects, when he wants to study and how to do it. He makes it easy and fun. Albert doesn’t do grades and exams, but he works out what he’s learning by using Mindomo.…

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since we last shared cool mind maps with you, so we started our research again and found a great resource for teachers.

This Language Arts Map will help you find resources for grammar, speaking, writing, visual or even spelling.

We could write a whole blog about this, but we’re going to leave you to discover and bookmark 🙂