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Why learn a foreign language? Besides the fact that it comes in handy when traveling or perhaps it can help with your future job, studies found that learning a foreign language actually makes you smarter. How you may ask. Well, it actually improves your memory, you become more perceptive. For many of us learning a foreign language can be difficult. We don’t have the same sense for languages and different languages require a different amount of time to be learned. How To No. 1 – Pronunciation The first step to take when learning a language is to learn how to spell its sounds and pronounce its words. And we have just the right mind mapping software to help you with this. What you need to do is create a mind map…

To all of our customers and collaborators, from all nations, countries and continents, the Mindomo Team is sending a warm Thank You for all of your support, loyalty and encouragement in the year of 2012. Your feedback, your words and constant trust in us have motivated us to step on more confidently and raise the standard for online mind mapping and mobile presentations. We’ve made it our priority to provide better service in order to help you become more productive in your daily activities, projects and work. It’s our desire to acknowledge your contribution, so this time, our gift to you is wrapped up in two words: THANK YOU. The Mindomo Team