search for mind maps


within the Mindomo app

For quite some time now, we received multiple requests from you regarding our search functionality. So, we’ve put ourselves to work and made some major improvements, try the new Search from the upper right side of your Dashboard. What’s new? 1. The search goes through all mind maps, both private and public, and their content. For example, you want to access a map where you put down this week’s to-do list but you can’t remember the title. However, you know that ‘grocery shopping’ was in the mind map. All you have to do is type in ‘grocery’ in the Search bar. First, we will display all your private mind maps that match the keyword in terms of map title, content in topics, notes, comments, and even in the Task Info…

Hi guys, First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! We are sure you have already noticed the Search feature in your editor and map viewer. This is the first version and we would need some pointers from you. There’s not much to say, we’ve only added minimal functionality. The search box is located in the status bar. With only 1 click you type, search and navigate fast through the highlighted results. Also, everything happens in real-time, so this should be an important feature for users with large maps. We would really appreciate if you can test is and tell us what we should improve or change. What other functionality do you think it should have? Is it easy to use, is the look and feel alright?