Starting this week, we will choose from the public mind-maps on our website, the most interactive and interesting one and post it on Facebook.

Every week, on Monday, monitor our fan page and see if you’re famous :).

So, the winner last week, with a mind-map about a Media-Center how to is Ben Ritchie.

Congratulations to him! There is an impressive level of detail in his map.

This is the map:



  1. Taking Care Reply

    Congratulations Ben and Thanks to you too mindomo. This is a truly wonderful and valuable service.

  2. How can I post my own maps on my facebook page? I can't seem to do it. I get a message that /i eceeed the number of characters….

  3. It looks great and we loved it. You have the right instinct and skills for the ideal use of mind-mapping. Keep going! 🙂

  4. Wow.. thanks guys. Hope it is useful to people.

    Just did it when speccing out mine for personal reference.

    I love mindomo – thanks for the work

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